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Joseph's Story

As I look over the hills of this land called Temuair, I see a vast country filled with people; some are Mundanes, some Aislings. All of the people, with different people, each with their own lives, feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Some are happy, joyful people, and some are sad and filled with grief and despair. Some with pure hearts, and others with darkness clouding their thoughts and minds. I am only one of those many people. I am Joseph Ahriman IV, and this is my story.

I was born of Joseph III and Kayla Ahriman, in winter of Deoch 4. I grew up, as a normal child would have. I was born into a large family, with only my two parents raising us all. First off, there was Nando. He was the eldest of us. Next there were the twins, Cailph and Travan. The two of them were always at each other’s throats due to arguments over little things, like religion. Then came our adopted brother, Cojiro. Cojiro died sadly due to an illness, and even to this day, we grieve over his death. Nando and I were the best of friends, although he was 2 years older than I. We could talk about almost anything, from why the sky is blue, to issues in society. The two of us were almost never apart.

We all lived normal lives, as any family does. Our father became an Aisling before any of us did. He was always hunting, or working with Marcelo, in the blacksmith shop. Those two things brought our family much needed gold that barely supported us all. Nando also had a job, although it wasn’t much of a job. He was a mercenary doing various jobs, for a fee of course. Travan, Caliph, and I, all loved to play, and were always doing so. My Mother preferred to be in the quiet of our home. She rarely left, unless there was work to be done, or to call us all in for supper.

As I mentioned before, we all lived normal lives… Up to one event that terrified and shocked us all. One cold and dark evening as we were all gathered around the table, eating supper. Our father came home from working at Marcelo’s shop. He warned us of a gang of thieves who had been running rampid throughout the city. They had robbed our neighbors, and the blacksmith shop, all in 1 week. We all continued to eat, completely brushing off our fathers warning. We never thought that we would ever be victims of a violent crime of this sort. But we were all too ignorant to even take a precaution.

Before we knew it, the front window was smashed through. Three men wearing black clothes burst into our home. Travan, Caliph, and I all quickly fled upstairs and dashed under our parents’ bed. Nando, and my father confronted the three intruders. After hearing only the horrified screams of my mother, and the smashing of our belongings, I began to cry in fear, wondering if my brothers and I would all die at the hands of these thieves. Soon after, we heard someone getting attacked with a blade of some sort, and then someone sprinting up the stairs, to the bedroom. It was one of the thieves, and I knew this was the end. Suddenly, the thief burst in the room, with my father immediately behind him. My father grabbed the thief, and broke his arm. After a severe beating, my father let the last thief escape with his life, but even though WE were safe from the thieves, our mother had met her end.

When help arrived, I had learned of my mothers’ fate, and was in ultimate shock. The guards asked questions, but unfortunately they never had enough evidence to make a conviction. The only thing they did know was that the bandit dropped a Sgrios necklace.

In the aftermath of that one fatal night, my Father decided to move to Mileth and become a Mileth citizen. There he over saw the childhood of my brothers and I. We were all that was left in his life, and he did everything in his power to keep us safe. Although it was the hardest thing my brothers and I had ever gone through, time passed, and in a few years they were all most the same as they had once been.

When Nando became 16 he left home, yet still lived in Mileth just down the street where my other brothers, and our father lived. Nando then started traveling around the world, and occasionally he would bring things back from places where he had visited. Nando became my Idol. Everything I wanted to be was displayed in Nando. I vowed that I would be a great warrior one day, and even more so, I would avenge my mother.

When I turned 16, I was quite eager to see the world so I took a trip up to Abel and stayed there for about half a Deoch. I had only seen the ocean once that I can remember, and when I try to picture it, there are only little visions. So When I had seen the ocean agian, I was even more eager when the ship left the port, and as we left, I could only hope for a new beginning.

When I had settled in Abel, I learned that my brother, Nando, was in town, so I sent a message and we met in the tavern. When I saw him, it looked as if Nando was upset about something. I asked him what was troubling him, and he said only ‘Father’.

Nando handed me a paper. It was a Death certificate and it was dated a week old. It proclaimed that our father had died of old age, but we both know it was loneliness. Loneliness because all he had left in his life was us, his sons, and when we had left him, he had nothing left in his life. We knew that we were to eager to get out to the house, that we did not even think about his feelings, yet we never knew it would bring our father so much pain to see us go.

After that night, I packed, and left for Mileth. When I got there, I realized that there was nothing left in this town for me. I packed up all my things in our fathers’ house, and because I was curious about his past, I returned to Rucesion. I purchased a home there with what was left of my money, and I settled down.

It was then that I became interested in religion. I had heard of each god and what they believed in before, but I had never really cared enough to really consider joining one. So when Ceannlaider followers came around, I quickly joined the religion. I went to a sermon and got a chance to preach. When I had found out that they were allies of Sgrios, I then forsaked Ceannlaider.

I am trying to make a difference now, yet I am searching for help. I will not sit down to this torture and I will not rest until my mother is avenged. Forever remembering my vows, I will see to it that nothing as terrifying and hurtful as my mothers’ death is taken lightly. Never again will I sit down and never agian will I rest. Never.


Joseph's Plea to All

Hello fellow friends. I, as you, are an ailsing. Born an raised in Rucesion as you see above. Yet, am looking to gain political office in Mileth, to help improve the soicety and clear Temuair of Heretics and theifs. As long as a catch a few, I am doing my part. I promis to be fair and just and not come to conclusions.But it is an imposible task with out your help and support. My friends, I know it is a crime if beg for votes, or pay people off, so I as a person am asking. Please vote for me. I eventually wish to become a gaurd and then a Judge. Please help me into my efforts. One I hope to be great, please help me get there. Thank you for your time, and I would be happy to talk to any one of you if you see me around, so please stop me if you wish. If you have any questions or comments, either post them on the fourm link below, or email me at DA_JosephIV@hotmail.com. Take care.


Joseph's Writings

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